The worst horror in the World has happened to the GOP …Clint Eastwood has turned purple!!!

Carl Rove would be turning over in his grave if he were dead!

Instead little piggie- breath- man starts rambling like a mad red dog frothing at the mouth at Clint’s brilliant Chrysler essay on the Auto industry seen recently during the Super Bowl.

This is definately not making the REPUBLICANS day!.. If the right loses Clint who do they turn to for their action hero status ?..a tired and badly hair dyed Chuck Norris who can hardly  kick a can over any more let alone a bunch of ninjas?

Honestly…just imagine Clint sitting watching a clown debate …he probably shot the flat screen into a thousand pieces…where’s the manly men he could vote for.?..At least John McCain was out there bombing the shit out of the gooks… before they shot his ass out of the sky!!

Clint must like the fact that the PRESIDENT shot bin Laden’s head off his body then dumped his bod in the sea…that’s a Clintism…then Clint must’ve been digging Obama killing nine pirates and rescueing an American chick…Then Clint must’ve looked at Mitt and Newt and Rick and seen 3 insipid little cretinous sissy men.. and the rest is history. 

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