The disgusting attempt by Mitt and the rest of the “pandering puppies of putrid pestilent propaganda” to inject religion into their floundering clown political campaign will fall as flat as Donald Trumps hair without an hour of blow drying!!!

Religion today… to many millions of intelligent Americans …should be at least be seen as a “faith-based fraud” to assist in making mega bucks for its instigators and Church leaders.

This in not to say that faith is a bad thing… We all must have faith in something …and a God figure is as good as anything to make one feel better. We should not knock the belief system..we need this!

But God …what ever that is to people…has nothing to do with jobs… and the lack of them… this is where Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu’s and worshippers of soiled under garments are currently finding common ground…

Pitting the unemployed against each other ain’t gonna work..just as pitting liberal  CATHOLICS against conservative Catholics and on and on down the religion chain is a sick sad and losing battle in the long run.

Speaking to CATHOLICS brings out some interesting answer regarding the contraception bullsh*t currently making the Mitt speech rounds… the Boehner bluster …what  losers these guys are .. and Santorum..seriously what is that?

But Mitt?

“How dare a man wearing magic underwear and never going near a Starbucks have the gall to tell CATHOLICS about condom use!!” Sounds ludicrous heh??..But it’s what’s going down right now.

Is America crazy for God or just plain crazy?.

Well those that idiots who are going to vote for a robot who wants to baptize the dead and has a personal one on one relationship with a big tall imaginary white guy with wings called The Angel Moroni …are as 100% crazy as a collection of crack heads who’s dealer just fell down a giant bottomless pit with their next score.


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