Not wanting to be center stage in a right-wing bigotry propaganda war Ellen Degeneres…basically a stand up comic that moved on …stood back amused and let the stupidity of small-minded women …with their panties on too tight… go at it trying to destroy her reputation and her livelihood.

The bogus right-wing “million woman” movement picked on the wrong Lesbian here. As they tried to bring down Ellen’s deal with JC Penny it became apparent that they were NOT a million women…but maybe a few hundred lying little bitches who had probably not been laid for a few years….Sorry if this is a little harsh…well actually I’m not..It also became apparent that Ellen had the millions in her corner and they were the real deal. She also had JC Penney’s president telling the less than a million nasty old broads to go stick their heads up a dead bear’s anal tract.

Amazingly JC Penny’s sales increased ..and this pissed Wal-Mart off  as their sales were helping to finance a second Chinese aircraft carrier. 

Ellen stayed above the fray being gracious funny and more of a woman than all the less than a million nasty  screwed up narrow-minded female barren sexless harridans…or as they are known throughout the country GOP women!! 

There goes one now!!



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