The narrowing appeal of the TEA PARTY is still a virulent part of our political system.

They’re like a bad rash on the buttocks of Red States.

These people do not want any part of a Democracy..they want to take over the country and by force if necessary.

 The TEA militia dream team of Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent comes to mind.

They want to abandon any form of liberal thinking and replace it with a narrow framed doctrinaire government that would need to be huge to operate  this of course would be counter to the way they envision”small” government. 

***To administrate the TEA abortion agenda would need massive government intervention and an enormous cruel and heartless corporate style autocracy to run it.

***To administrate the TEA immigration policies would also need a monumental government department to police the arrest and deportation of the millions of illegal people they plan to “get rid of”.

***To invade more sovereign countries …as it seems is the TEA intent… would see us sending our already depleted military forces back into the field at a cost that would once again send the country reeling economically. 

***To close down the public education system , the health care system , the food stamp system , the library system, the EPA , social security and all the checks and balances on banks,Wall Street ,heavy industry etc… would take much more TEA government interference not less!

They embrace policies that a few years ago would have been laughable but are now a scary reality in their white supremacy minds. 

Hey folks ..a version of this doctrine had the power… It was called “8 years of  Bush/Cheney America”.

One thing is clear you would not find on any TEA curriculum or in any TEA speech or in a TEA photo op…or a TEA book signing…or at a TEA cocktail party honoring the ghost of the ghost of Ronald Reagan any mention of their last shot at running things with draft dodging numb skull George W. Bush..

George was totally gone from the last GOP Romney candidacy attempt and from the current GOP conventionS where not even his ghost was mentioned.

FAILURE was not a viable option as a PR point.The war criminal and economic fiscal destroyer was hidden away in America’s sweat capital  Houston which is the GOP’s version of Napoleon’s Elbe. 

As summer and the World cup  approaches we have time to reflect on the minori-TEA party of the TEA…

Fanatics who attempt to impose their views on a majority never win in the long run. They cause death and destruction as they pursue a path of bigotry and narrow minded hate.

Common sense and reality however will always win eventually.

It’s just a matter time…but how long that time takes shows the internal strength or weakness of the society the fanatics reside in. Are we strong or are we weak?  

The current version of the GOP who seem to be fighting a battle within themselves with the TEA are suggesting traitorously that the President is ‘weak’.

But they must be the the ‘weak’ ones if they cannot contain their own barbarians from their gated communities.

Conversely Obama is exceptionally ‘strong’ and extremely powerful at this moment in time. He has faced down the most virulent destructive racist political machine with grace and dignity for five constructive years.  He is not the perfect man…but show me one and I’ll call you a fool.

He has stopped terrorism in its tracks.. He has avoided starting any more wars while taking the slings and blunted arrows of the McCain/Graham/Cheney “Kill Cartel.”

AND RIGHT NOW despite cries from the Right for “toughness” he stands tall in the Free World community while looking to avoid bloodshed and financial disaster as America recovers from the disaster of 2 Bush wars..

If this is weak then I’ll take weak.




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