After Sarah Palin’s “screech” at the CPAC Bund Meeting & Blood Lust Convention it is plain to see what is going on in her delusional excuse for a mind.

Sarah wants the GOP convention to be a complete fiasco where on the first ballot Mitt is sh*t…Santorum sucks…Gingrich goes down flailing and Ron has no balls …leaving a 2nd or a 3rd ballot …where the whole party is in disarray….

Suddenly she makes an entrance with the heavily armed Alaskan National Guard …the Fairbanks branch of the University of Phoenix marching band and she’s holding Trig up high in her arms wrapped in the Confederate Flag!! 

She make another rousing all American “screech” condemning racial equality, the poor , healthy school lunches and the stupid Socialist atheist Liberal Muslim live baby hating Obama and his half-breed people …

Todd dressed as Abe Lincoln brings a wolf cub on stage and she shoots it in the head and covered in puppy blood she is swept into the GOP nomination on a voice vote from the adoring masses as Ted Nugent licks at her bright shiny leather knee-high boots. 

Before laughing this off as over the top satire may we say 2 words to you …ready?

Arnold Schwarzenegger..Governor of California …okay that’s five words…so sue us!

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