If ever there was ever a couple of moments in time to remind us folks who were around through a few recent decades the Grammy’s this week took the cheesecake.

After the over kill of a MADONNA  Super Bowl half time show where the wide shots  took in parts of the Indiana farm lands and the cameras were so busy taking shots.. some of them caught fire and had to be extinguished with  the production excesses of Katie Perry and the weird Menogue creature at the Grammys …it was gratifying to see something completely different.

Yes I’m talkin’ Beach Boys….I’m talkin’ McCartney…I’m talkin’ Glen Campbell , and I’m talkin’ the new voice on the block ..the Brilliant cockney with the soul of half of MEMPHIS…Adele.

“Herr Director” Erlich showed us that people singing great songs and almost just standing in great lighting is real down town entertainment. Another “Herr Director” Steve Binder helped invent that look on the 68′ Presley special..still as timely today as back then.

The magic of watching and listening to the 60 plus year old’s rocking out was a mind bending reminder of “the class of music” without the frills and the spills of mega production.’s public demands The Gaga and the Perry thing with feathers up the ying yang and the imitation explosions and male dancers who appear so intense that when they leave the stage the stage hands have to throw buckets of cold water on them to stop their balls from overheating….But its also gratifying that real music is still around.

The lead singer of the Foo Fighters , whose hair stays on his head despite his obvious desire to rid himself of it… said it loud and clear…He won an award and made a statement making a great deal of sense.

He said the Foo Fighters latest hit was made in his garage with a few tape machines and a lot of heart. He said that “music does not  start in a machine but in the heart and mind of the composers and the players.” or something like that….

Watching the Grammy’s to me the best parts were when the artists were just out there singing their brains off.

Hopefully some of us can still have enough clout in the biz to find a way to do a show called “Singing Their Brains Off!” and get it past pay TV and cable TV and to all the folks who can’t afford all that jazz or all that country for that matter……so everyone can feel like some of us did watching the Grammy’s with a deeper and more meaningful understanding of our relationship with the music we still love and the new music we can grow to love through talent like the pure and simple bell-like tones of a today diva like Adele.

She “sings her brains off” like Paul and Glen and the Beach Boys.

Getting back to the simple things in this more and more complicated society might ease the strains of trying to understand the lack of compassion and heart  we are witnessing in our current disgusting and soul-destroying politically screwed up America.

This is NOT us..The BEACH BOYS are us.. survivors of the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.

Or as Adele said emotionally ..”I’ve got snot coming out of my nose!”  you gotta love her!!


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