If ever there was a time when GOP politics slowly became a 3 Stooges comedy short it’s now.

Floundering around looking for a consensus amongst the lowest form of extremist right-wing idealogues, racists, woman haters, tax dodgers, war mongerers, anti government crazies and Sarah Palin’s massed male pervert s they become more like a slap happy slap stick comedy every day. 

Their rhetoric is like the Stooges smashing each other over the head with word-hammers.. and as in the Stooges humor…nobody gets hurt…nobody bleeds…ands they just keep doing it to each other again and again and again !!

As in Stooges comedy RAND/TED AND MARCO tend to throw pies at women and treat them like the butt of jokes.

Women… to the current RAND TED AND MARCO stooges…are merely there as appendages to get to the next way they inflict comedy pain on each other and anyone else in sight.

We’d love to see RAND get a pie … TED get a finger in the eye and MARCO get a Cuban cigar explode on his nose…but that’s just us!

TED is Larry… MARCO is Moe …and RAND is definitely Curly!      

To imagine Americans seriously voting for these pandering fraudulent minor players in a dangerous 21 st Century World is tantamount to being in a Tim Burton movie. 

If ever either of the three stooges are successful in gaining supreme power we will become a slapstick nation throwing  jingoistic pies at imaginary enemies while crushing reason and free speech in the name of corporate America…


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