After being suspended for 4 months the pseudo extremist right-wing commentator and fake Hitler lover Pat Buchanan has officially been fired by MSNBC.

Personally I find this to be disappointing as I loved to watch his jaw dropping interpretations of race and religion in the 21st Century. 

Pat is indeed a self parodying satirical figure who appeared to be saying things just for effect to see how far he could go into ridiculous rhetoric before somebody like RACHEL or ED came across the desk and  punched his lights out.

He had a sardonic smile on his face as he race baited and called Obama rude names. Rachel loved to battle his ugly face to a standstill..They were always most entertaining.

It was his books that finally brought him down at MSNBC me thinks. I’m sure he basically believes that white America is finished…and it probably is…. his panic is that this is bad. 

So he does speak for a wide swath of the scared shi*tless.

But Pat to some of us is a comic Nixonian left over dinosaur and not somehow dangerous to the psyche of this country. He like Anne Coulter says and writes things for effect… as they try to preach to a choir that buys into the death of a white America being a disaster rather a celebration of the country’s greatness in becoming a truly liberal and plural society. 

Pat will of course wind up on Fox News with the rest of the clown princes and princesses of corporate liars and non journalists…and to me this will make him stick out like a sore thumb as he will become a caricature of the character he’d already created for himself down through the years.

I personally will miss his craziness on MSNBC and will hardly watch him for more than a minute on Fox ..which is all any sane person can stand to do..but must …just to be somewhat really fair and balanced.

Bye bye Mister American Pie in the eye.   


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