Every day there seems to be more attacks on the rights of women from the right-wing of the GOP. What are they so damned scared about is their manliness withering”… are their dinks becoming permanently smaller? Is their power trip being threatened …Is a feisty old grandmother like Nancy Pelosi scaring the macho right out of them?

Rick Santorum is an insane man running from the right of “almost condoning rape” as an all American right of passage.

Where does the traction of this kind of absolute unthinkable behavior come from in this supposedly enlightened age.?

He says sex should be treated like a sacred right between a married man and a married woman…of course they have to be married to each other…any other sex is wrong…like sex for pleasure …this is wrong..who the f*ck is this guy?

Silly sanctimonious doesn’t even describe this idiocy…and Rick ‘s ahead of Romney in the polls in Michigan.

Okay ! Okay!…today he dissed the Protestant religion saying they too have lost their way..He said also that the President was on “the wrong side of Theology.”…The man is out of his gourd… he’s working with an idea that says by being a “good Catholic” his fath can save the World by telling all the CATHOLICS to just keep screwing their married brains off without any protection..This way the WESTERN World will become totally CATHOLIC in 100 years and Rick can lead the next Crusades back to the Middle East and wipe out the Infidel.

Don’t think this isn’t going on in his tiny mind …just like in the mind of his biggest financial backer… the other loony… Foster Fries who advocates women putting an aspirin between their legs if they don’t want to have a baby or get a headache.

This is America in the eyes of the women hating extremist right.now split between the “Rick-Pope” people and the “Palin Evangelist”people with one thing in common …an invasion of the Vagina in the name of a God who nobody has actually ever seen or heard from apart from in their dreams or in books or from their leaders who may or may not be a bunch of political shysters, perverts and opportunists who “see gullible people still living! ”

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