Is it just us silly Liberals being paranoid or will Exxon and the rest of the corporate oil companies attempt to take down the PRESIDENT by making the price of oil so high it will stop the present economic progress? 

YES THIS SOUNDS SIMPLISTIC…sorry but that’s where our thoughts are going right now. The Oil companies are NOT American, they are financial countries of their own they even have their own flags and their own stationery navy with thousands of oil rigs in nearly all the World’s Oceans.

You think they give damn about the present US economy growing before November? The ratio of contributions to the GOP and the DEMS is surely tipped as much in favor of big business as Rick Santorum is tipped in favor of abolishing public education in favor of home schooling.

They will we predict come and take Rick away shortly as he is off his meds again. 

But back to Big Oil…it yearns for another Bush/Cheney cartel…

Mitt may not be either but he is “Oil Can Harry” as far as his corporate masters will want him to be. Mitt is a weak man with a great looking family including four great looking sons who have never served a day in any uniform of the armed services. Obviously they have great teeth but no balls!  That was an unkind cut…but we meant it!

So let’s see if the American people blame Obama for the rapid rise in oil prices or they’re smart enough to see through this attempted palace coup from business-right to rig another election in favor of the really bad guys.

Face it the odds are up against Obama …Big Oil, the Supreme Court, Fox News and Chuck Norris what chance does a Muslim Socialist who doesn’t believe in God have against all of that?




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