GOD AND THE GOP?

Yes its true we heard from God last night..God sent us a text after listening to Franklin  Graham tell us that he didn’t know if the PRESIDENT was truly a Christian.

God’s point was God did not give a Slovenian dime if Obama was a Christian because God told us “God is NOT a Christian..God is God”..and Franklin Graham cannot speak for God..which he believes he’s doing.

Franklin Graham is a bogus Christian…Jesus Christ teachings according to the Bible have tolerance of all   people at its core.

Obama is a real PRESIDENT..of all the people.Godly UnGodly and Lindsay Lohan. 

This Graham bigot is the son of a preacher-man and is also is a son of b*tch!

How dare this nasty pip squeak make this kind of statement…

God is being used by the likes of this weasel and by Santorum and others as a diversionary weapon against their perceived opponents in the battle for ridiculously out of date 19th century moralities…

Put back the clock you foolish few and go live in the past which will never be the future however hard you try to make it that.  

God texted that he does not take sides however hard Tim Tebow tries..and if Tim continues to be so egotistical public with his over the top kneeling and pointing to the sky …God says he may just ask his opposite number Satan to send in a linebacker from HELL to sit on his face ’till he shuts the f*ck up!


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