If ever there was a moment in time when McCain/Palin looked a better bet than what ever is happening in the GOP race for the nomination this is it…as the economy is improving the shift is away from jobs and straight into the Vagina with the penis being an “uncovered up thing” close behind…

Intrusion into the female uterus is the flavor of the day for the woman hating male oriented GOP party. This might sit well with the guys and gals with the idea that legal government blackmail make great bedfellows…but this was the thinking way back in the good old days when horseless carriages were first coming in and the public were laughing at the people who didn’t want to clean up horse shit for the rest of their days.

Now the party of horse shit has decided that the Vagina needs to be the property of smaller government. White men in suits want to have the power to stick large steel objects up women’s honey pots to discourage them from having abortions ..even if they’ve been raped by a parent or a pervert.

God bless America!!… the Godly America of FREAKY FRANKLIN GRAHAM who claims to know God …but really can’t know a God of only some of the people.

God bless the America of the party who thinks God is on their side so men should never wear a condom and women should practise abstinence…sex should not be for pleasure but for just making white Republican babies …Who the hell are these people?…One Dennis Miller is enough …we don’t need anymore Michelle Malkins …or Tim Tebows pointing at the sky as if there is something  up there beside chunks of chemical crap and diseased birds….

Staying out of women’s pants would be a smart idea for these idiots…but they seem to be on a death march into white man oblivion…It happened to the British Empire who thought they had things pretty under control until this little Indian dude came along and told them to fuck off!!!  This is what these fools might take heed of because  most American women with any kind of dignity left will be telling them the same thing.


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