Its plain to see that history is on the side of progress and its also plain to see that the current crazy rightward swing of the GOP is a perfect storm in the miscalculation of the motion and emotion of the general public of the United States.

By spending inordinate amounts of media time and useless debates on narrow framed preaching to the rabid extremist minority crowds… the party is missing the boat…the ferry …the aircraft carrier and the space shuttle of the country’s mood.

The general population under the age of 40 care as much about abortion ,contraception ,abstinence, religious freedom, or if gay people get married or not as they care about attending a Dennis Miller concert or listening to Rush Limbaugh blathering his nuts off while his tiny useless penis retreats even further into his crotch cavity.

Watching Newt hoping to effect people with his silly vicious unreal quotes..Mitt struggling to appear “one of the people” rather than what he is …which is “none of the people” and Rick Santorum putting down a University education as “liberal elitism” shows the grand old party is not grand …but is really really old!

“Being out of touch is thinking Fox News is speaking for America” …

“Being out of touch is watching the business channels as they’re having their daily circle jerk that most Americans will never understand …and why? …because they don’t want you to understand ..they don’t want you to know what they’re doing with your money..which is stealing the f*ck out of it!!!”

If this country is so indolent and unconscious as to allow the 25% insane rabble that ‘s now the GOP base …to dictate the sh*t they’re espousing now… then the country deserves what it would get which would be not more of the Bush years but something far far worse with a cherry on top!

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  1. Nice job Chris

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