If ever there was a surreal defining moment in America’s probable downfall into a complete and utter chaotic mishmash of Right-Wing extremist  fever this current GOP rush to the bottom of the putrid rotten smelling political swamp ….this is it!

 “The Three Stooges of corporate America” Mitt/Newt and Curly Rick …all  with college degrees and some intelligence are currently debasing themselves with insane rhetoric to court a bunch of scared racist religious freaks and ignorant whites.

Unfortunately these nuts and dolts still seem to be a large portion of the American electorate once you leave the sanctity of the more enlightened areas of this great country like “downtown most places.”

The question arises are there enough of these nuts and dolts out there to sneak one of these total losers and fraudulent lying clowns into office with a slim majority?

43% it seems will still vote for a loser whom so ever the GOP chooses…so America will become even more of a loser… if there’s a swing of a few percent…than the Bush years…fantastic as these sounds it might happen as Christianity insanity takes over from common sense and Wal-Mart keeps building aircraft carriers for China. 



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