Lest we forget to tell the REPUBLICANS they own the 8 years of total disaster brought about by the idiot-king of fools GEORGE W. BUSH..

A President not being called upon by anybody for an endorsement being more of an embarrassment to the present GOP candidates than Lindsay Lohan is to her parents…or Ted Cruz is to Democracy.

It will probably take 3 more DEMOCRATIC regimes to finally get the country back into shape after the complete and utter Bush/Cheney/ Corpo-rape of the economy.

When you read of the millions of bright intelligent men and women who are now on the bread lines of poverty across the country  and that millions of under privileged kids are on the brink of starvation in American..and then see the disaster of the REPUBLICAN controlled Congress it makes one wonder how any person in their right mind would want to return power this same group of white-collar criminal dorks.

The GOP own the Bush legacy…and if enough people vote its standards back into power.. we will be facing  more wars ..but this time on our women, our kids, our old people and our democracy..

If this is what we want ..God help us…because that entity is all we’ve got left and FRANKLIN GRAHAM says God is on the side of the Bush legacy…fortunately we know he’s full of sh+t..but are we?


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