John McCain was a war hero at least …He had that going for him…he was a man of some of the people …a crotchety old geezer with a chip… but a bona fide middle of the road conservative who turned crazy right and rented a female grifter as a vice presidential partner in a fit of lunacy!

Romney is NOT any kind of a hero…in fact all his sons have avoided serving their country in the military as much as any major “A” celebrity has avoided going anywhere near Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” TV crap.

Mitt may not have much of a chip…but he inherited plenty of chips from his dad…

John was feisty and combative but when Mitt takes off the gloves he seems to be wearing a second pair under the first pair.

Putting the power of the Presidency in the hands of McCain/Palin would’ve been a scary thing…but putting the power in the hands of Romney would be even scarier.

In that vital moment of a simple life and death decision for the country’ safety Romney would choose neither of the above and then change his mind as New York and Washington get barbecued and North Korea takes over the West Coast.

Mitt would be the Neville Chamberlain of American Presidents and even scarier than that. if you asked the millions of mainly right-wing  REPUBLICANS that are going to hold their noses and vote for him anyway who Neville Chamberlain was they’d say: “Wasn’t he the guy who won “The Batchelor” last year?”


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