“DIE HUNGRY!”………………

Recent footage of Southern male voters absolutely nails how far behind the rest of the Western World we are in certain parts of this country.

The red neck guy who says: “I’d rather lose all my money and starve than go against my principles and vote for Obama.”… and the other guy who called Obama “a half-breed” was even more disturbing.

This is not just a random sampling of a few of the white males that were interviewed but was a cross-section of all of them .

50% plus people in Mississippi think Obama is a Muslim and certain GOP Congressmen are still pushing this racist bulls+t to keep the core of ignorance in their vest pockets.

In all enlightened societies there are always the unenlightened to remind us that however far we have progressed and how much further we have to go.

But the current vicious jolts to the Liberal philosophies that some of us hold dear are shockingly raw and painful to our systems…Is there any light at the end of the enlightenment tunnel? 

The forest fires of racism, bigotry and misogyny are constantly fanned by the religious right, talk radio and the cynical Fox News.

But we’re not telling anyone something they don’t already know.

The light might be that sooner or later the Palins and the Limbaugh’s become so arrogant that they think they are preaching to a bigger crowd of bigots and rubes than they actually are. They begin to believe they are Gods. This  happened to the naive and crude Duck murderer Phil Robertson who has become a hero in the racist, homophobic and bigot world. To Ted Nugent who’s remarks will not be glorified here any more…but who is now an icon of Texas racist hate.

Only God is God..and God right now is not too sure about things like kissing snakes in his name and getting killed doing it …diddling little boys in His/Her name and getting away wit it…..being tax exempt in God’s name, using God’s name as a political tool, football players looking up at the sky when they score a touchdown and not too sure of Newt’s newly found faith or Rick Santorum saying Obama might not be a Christian…God is also sick and tired of Pat Robertson emailing him or Oscar winners thanking Him for their talent above all others…

So REPUBLICAN VOTERS who’r Obama haters die hungry as your food stamps run out and your state doesn’t have Obamacare. Worship divisive words from your idols…and slowly fade away in your morass of hatred and fear.

*** STATISTIC…68% of GOP voters think their party is totally on the wrong track.  ,,,but they will vote for them anyway…Are we screwed or what?


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