Many valiant media freaks have been trying to link the internet with television for a while now …including myself…

In comedy Will Farrell and friends have “Funny or Die” which seems hilariously funny on the web but died on HBO.  It just did not translate.

The two mediums just don’t seem to be compatible in any way…something that gets 20,000,000 views isn’t necessarily going to make it when its shown on television. … these fascinating phenomenal clips are usually only seen on the news in short sharp “believe or not” bursts of energy…or as satire on TV shows.

The people making money on the internet being creative are basically the web providers and the advertisers who sneakily find ways to monetize thew freaky stuff.

Try as we do to find this breakthrough nobody has been able to do it yet in many years We can invent the GPS and take AIDS down to a treatable disease..but we have not mastered the melding of these two entertainment media giants. 

Many studios and independent production companies are spending zillions of dollars researching how to make this happen and coming up empty so far.

Even when the melding of the home TV screen and the Home computer happens ..when looking at internet “clips” on the bigger flat screens they will seem “flat” and not of that media. 

The only show that confounds this phenomenon is ABC’s ratings winning Japanese knock off from the early 90’s :”America’s Funniest Home Videos!”  This is one of the longest running television shows in history and it is a show that would thrive on today’s clip crazy internet even without ever being shown on Television.

AFHV was the internet before the internet. 

It is an “Amateur Hour” of ordinary people’s hysterical  blunders.  It reveals “The Three Stooges in every American home.” thereby lies its longevity…It doesn’t have to be good to be great…it just has to be short …mostly painful… and look like it was shot by your grandma or someone on Crystal Meth. 

It is then basically what the internet can get away with..It is what the internet thrives on..its the “anybody can do it thing.” Grainy and badly shot makes it!!

 It can be Will Farrell doing something brilliant on a shoe string or it can be a 12-year-old filming a cat taking a shit on a picture of Rick Santorum. Will gets 2,300,000 views and the shitting cat gets 234,000,000 views from 20 different countries. But it’s here and gone over a short period of time.

Television on the other hand tells stories… it is produced by professionals… it is the ultimate “forget about it” entertainment in your home. (This is apart from some of the reality shows of course)

Television provides a celebration of an enormous depth of thought-provoking ideas both dramatic and comedic. It can provide glitter and glamor and tensions and jeopardy and it can  discover new and brilliant entertainers in all fields. It has great writing, great lighting and amazingly huge vistas..none of which the internet can match.  

Television allows innovative ideas and new stars and personalities to breath…it makes long-lasting impressions..the internet is instant gratification and then on to the next shock value 20,000.000 views. 

To me personally I love the internet it allows me to write this blog and see the people who come to view it every day. I love my funny like minded Liberal friends at Twitter and Facebook. Friends who log on from Serbia ,obscure Irish Islands, Greece, Britain, Australia, Chile, Canada ,Germany etc… the dialogues are sometimes light and sometimes heavy but never boring. 

But when it comes to plying my trade and at the same time trying to find the way to combine both these media giants that just isn’t happening.  ..and God knows I’ve been trying as hard as anyone.

So I think I’ll just do what my gut tells me stick with television and live with great writing, killer directors and producers and all the rest of the skilled union people whom I so greatly admire and love to work with in a truly professional environment.Go TV..that’s my final decision…

But wait a minute..I think I just came up with the answer..excuse me I have to call Sony, Apple , Netflix,  my lawyers and and somebody to fund this while I wait for an answer from Sony,Apple .Netflix, Amazon. E Bay, Warner Brothers, and El Jazeera…




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