The Founding Fathers came to me last night in a dream..they were a little smelly, as in those days nobody had invented deoderant….They were pretty adamant about the separation of church and state and huffed and puffed about it a great deal.

These newer Americans started rambling on about FRANKLIN GRAHAM being such a complete asshole by injected his anti Muslim racism into the dialogue ..and as for Rick Santorum it was all they could do to contain themselves from asking me to take a coach ride to where ever he was and ask him about why he isn’t condemning the fiddling of little altar boys in his precious CATHOLIC CHURCH while railing on same-sex marriage and the terrors of the condom.

They were mostly on about the interference and the hypocrisy of the GOP as their candidates inject religion into their campaigns and insist that some form of a God is on their side and against the opposition.They explained their idea that everything evil is embedded in liberal thinking is both cynical and completely unGodly.

One of the Founding Fathers …who will remain nameless… described the South as: “Full of scared shitless shit kicking white people still pissed off they lost the war and can’t have slaves anymore!”

Even though they’d never heard of the word “toxic” before… they used it to describe what a religiously run American government would be like for the majority of average Americans who were not kissing snakes and genuflecting ’till the cows and Tim Tibow came home.

They asked me “Do you want Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or Joe Smith shoved down your throat…which I thought was a trifle gay but not wanting to appear unresponsive to this visual I said: “No actually I’m straight but.I kinda like Joyce Myer since she had the facelift and lost the glasses”.

Apart from the Church separation stuff they also told me they told me that Americans should run that slimy little colonial bastard son of Rupert Murdoch outta town on a hand rail and put Mitt in the stocks and pelt him with deregulated Monsanto veggies….

If these guys were around today …they’d be arrested as long-haired unwashed hippies and brutally beaten by the currently crazed police while being ridiculed by the main stream media.. you know that don’t you folks….

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