The current series of gun crazy legislation plus the attempts to weaken the rape laws in this country defies the description of the America I’m kinda used to being a part of.

Open carrying guns into supermarkets and restaurants. Allowing guns into bars, schools and churches as in the State of Georgia is sheer surreal lunacy. Where will all this lead?

Just in the past three weeks we’ve seen shootings on the streets of Santa Barbara and on a SEATTLE college campus plus the killing of police and a civilian in Las Vegas.

90% of the country want stricter gun laws but the Congress and the administration seem to be like deers caught in Lazer scope sites.

Meanwhile America is  still out there in the world blowing people up in various countries we have no right to be in while condemning other countries for doing the same. Admittedly its on a scaled back course but its still out there.

Syrians are blowing up Syrians while American is still blowing up entire families of innocents at weddings in Afghanistan while people like McCain and Cruz continue to threate to bomb Muslims just for being Muslims it seems …its just plain crazy.

Here in the United States “Sex”(according to some)is becoming something you should not have for pleasure but just for having more white Christian babies and of course these people think there should be “hand guns and automatic weapons” in every home.


In the twisted minds of the right wing its obvious the “gun barrel” is replacing the “woody” as the weapon of sexual choice.

Meanwhile the “license to kill” has moved from James Bond to local racists who can use the gun barrel as their “STAND YOUR GROUND” rule and blast any apparently threatening minority kid with a dangerous bottle of Gator Aid.

“My dick may not be as big as your dick but I’m not shooting blanks from this Glock baby!”

“Murder as masturbation!..The climate for a major tragedy is a clear and present danger.

So while the white male bigot sits in his room watching MEGYN KELLY’S oiled legs while stroking the barrel of his AK-47 with one hand and “self sporting” himself with the other… we bid a fond farewell to reason and a hearty hello to the un-civilization  of America!! 


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