It isn’t hard to look into the near future and see the end of Democracy as we’ve known it…

With the Bush dynasty Supreme Court majority of judicial corporate shills , the Koch Brothers and the rest of the billionaires conspiring to kill it with their power and their money …it’s perfectly feasible to think that even if Obama is re-elected  there is little chance of a progressive agenda ever being front and centre in this country. 

This is being currently promulgated by many major intellectuals and political scholars right now.

Have we already lost the battle for basic human rights and the simple dignities that brings with it?

The answer may lay in the present argument before the Supreme Court regarding the legal viability of the Obama Healthcare mandate legislation. If this is overturned by a politically rightist majority of judges in an election year it will give the opposition party a tremendous victory and a weapon of mass Liberal destruction with which to clobber the PRESIDENT. 

So we are indeed facing a watershed moment in the possible final undermining of what is left of our chances for a future for all the people and not just for the “chosen” few.

NON-VIOLENT REVOLUTION might… in the long run… be the only chance to change the course…but as we have seen recently local governments and the law are gearing up to put that kind of thing down before it gets a hold.

But you cannot put down tens of millions of disenfranchised people … pepper spray..tazers…rubber bullets and eventually real bullets doesn’t stop outrage when the unfairness and the cynicism towards intelligence reaches such a low place as to see grandmothers, teenagers, working stiffs, and everyone else saying…


Power to the people!!     

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