It is plainly obvious that the SCOTUS is a prejudiced body of highly motivated legal scholars who defy their sworn duty to uphold the equality of the people…They are a bunch of politically motivated shills for both  sides of the spectrum.

That a Justice called Clarence can sit on the bench and be given a vote when his wife is a full-time Tea Party fanatical anti-health care reformist is beyond comprehension.

When you read that the Justice Scalia attends Koch Brothers dinners and speaks to them of “American law” …you begin to wonder how this can be?

Well at least we do.. This of course is the tip of the right-berg!

The Right side of this  court would seem be one that might try for a 2nd time, given the trumped up opportunity, to bring down a duly elected President..

It worked the first time…let’s hope it doesn’t two-peat!





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