The Right Wing majority on the Supreme Court seem intent on injecting their views on the American people again.

We are ..as we write this… NOT living in the democracy of our choice…This is the Bush League Court…It does nor reflect the main stream opinions of this country. It is a travesty…it is beyond the law….it is beyond comprehension…and it is beyond the Valley of the Dolls!

We listen as the media pundits forecast a disaster for the Obama administration….but folks this loss of a major legislation protecting the less fortunate will be a much bigger disaster for them!

The fat cat shills on the court will take down the poorest of the poor in this country. This is a fact,

But also a fact is that chaos will become the word on the whole health care problem…and how will that shake down with the voters?

Could The Right miscalculate by making chaos out of people’s well being…they can’t blame Obama for trying….they might blame The Right for not trying …because we all know they won’t being trying right up ’till election time.

It may turn out very differently than “The Berserko’s” think!


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