As the so-called “general election” begins to shape up as a battle between a common sense seasoned President who has fought a semi-losing battle against insurmountable corporate, religious and  racists odds and a weak establishment backed rich guy with a sketchy record of accomplishments and a member of a very suspect religion sect we must ponder on the future of this once great nation.

When we see that the polls show us that the average REPUBLICAN voter in the 21st Century will go “hold their noses” and vote for Mitt Romney …we are in deep sh*t.

Mitt Romney is somebody they cannot possibly believe is the better man for the job other than the man who rescued the American car industry , took down the major terrorist organization in the world , pushed through a health care plan for the poor and kept the country moving through during the most difficult period since the 1930’s depression . But they will vote for him anyway …the question is why?

Because in our humble opinion there are two versions of the PRESIDENT.

#1 The real version of a middle of the road pragmatist who is hell-bent on trying to bring the country together by any means possible…By making enormous distasteful compromises with his sworn enemies…by dealing with the worst and the best of them in the Congress and the Senate..talk about somebody “holding their nose”…Obama must have a few clothes pegs in his desk. And on top of that having to face the very worst of this country’s still virulent race haters.

Obama has manned up to the task..he’s fought fire with firepower…he has had to be tougher that a white guy!!

#2 And the other version which is that he’s  a Communist un-American Muslim..this is the Fox News version and its believed by millions of stupid idiots..probably the same one’s who still believe Saddam attacked America and that “W” was not responsible for their house being underwater.  

If this country sees fit to toss this great man out of office and replace him with another fake rich corporate puppet with the backing of the rich and powerful, the bogus Supreme Court and the extremist Christian Right then we will indeed be seeing the death rattles of American democracy.

Of course I could be full of sh*t…but this is my freakin’ blog!

Power to the people !!


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