Just for a few seconds…one had to watch the Today Show today to witness the total melt down of ratings cynicism by the people who book this show.

It did not disappoint in the comedy department!

I held my nose and watched a random patch and was rewarded by a stunningly unintentional but totally great moment in the annals of American folk humor.

There was a pregnant again Tori Spelling prattling on about the wonders of Beverly Hills party giving and how “mini bites” are the answer for the perfect social hostess as she writes in her new book now on sale….and standing next to her Sarah Palin just in from Alaska where she was cutting the heads of Carp and attending a Moose massacre and skinning.

You cannot ..I repeat cannot write this stuff….the entire joint staffs of all the late night shows and prime time comedies would not have the where with all to create this delicious scene.

And who ever did Sarah’s hair and makeup was obviously a Muslim Socialist Obama loving baby killing, vegetarian ,same sex marrying illegal immigrant Lesbian.

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