But they are at war right now and the war they need to fight  is on many fronts…The occupying military wars overseas please them as they need that religious Muslim enemy…WHEN IN CONTROL AND ELECTED  they will perpetuate ANY current war with pretext and with lies. They also have  the war on women…the war on education …the war on health care ..the war on gays… the war on the environment..the war on immigration…they are a bunch of belligerent bastards!!

It is the job of the GOP to keep things stirred up as if there is peace the people will have time to see what a bunch of corporate sock puppets they are.  Oh did we forget the war on public radio and television…

How can we trust a bunch of weirdos who think Big Bird is a COMMUNIST and that the current President hates America and wants to take away our guns and our freedoms…?

The sick part about this is that millions of Americans some probably living next door to you think some or all of the above is true..they are probably white and a little older…they got to church..and they are “good people”…the problem being their televisions are set on FOX NEWS and that’s all they ever watch…so their idea of this great country has more to do with hating than understanding anything beyond some Sean Hannity crazed out of control rant.

FOX NEWS is financed they say by Saudi Arabian and Chinese money.

War sucks for us but is the constant wet dream of the Military Industrial complex which has been alive since the time of the Roman Empire and even before that when a guy picked up a rock and made it sharp,


2 Responses

  1. It’s as if you have been labotomized. You do not see Barrack “insane” Obama war mongering and Hillary promoting it as well? You are delusional.

    • Dear Johnnie..thanks for you reply I would warn you that when replying intelligently to a blog it is always more effective if you get the spelling right..I will forgive you this time as I respect your opinion …Obama by the way is NOT a war mongerer and is trying to get us out of the illegal wars started by the Bush Cheney cartel. The American military industrial complex needs war to remain in power…Obama unfortunately is a part of that as all president’s are. We are always open to the other side of the political spectrum as that’s what makes this a great country we can both live it .

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