Batshit statistics rule the REPUBLICAN LIE MACHINE..

The GOP rhetoric has created a parallel universe in which millions of stupid Americans live…YES YOU HEARD IT HERE..stupid ..stupid stupid..and the GOP Goebbels’ like propaganda lyrics sing their tune!

Dinosaurs and people lived on the planet at the same time..if Mitt did not agree with that if asked he’d lose the large hunk of the snake kissing base…od course those idiots would not have read The Book of Mormon before voting for a man who believes JESUS has already come back to EARTH and told Joseph Smith to “Get thee to Utah and marry a bunch of teenage girls!”..We exaggerate to the point of total utter bullsh*t of course to make a further  point…But this is what the GOP do.

Some headlines that sound far out but are they?

ZIMMERMAN has turned down an offer to be on “DANCING WITH THE STARS but is mulling Ailes offer to have his own show on FOX NEWS.

 Arizona’s Jan Brewer is pregnant with the DEVIL’S child but will not have an abortion.

Gov. Chris Christie ‘s attempt to lose weight failed when he ate the Lap Band machine.

Joan Rivers is having a mid-mid-mid life crisis and is asking doctors if she can get her old face back!

33% of white Americans on Meth  believe that Dennis Miller is funny. 

45% of white Americans think when Jan Brewer has the DEVILS CHILD it should be on DANCING WITH THE STARS.

95% of male Fox News watchers want to see MEYGN KELLY dressed as a Dominatrix whipping the ass of Reverend Al Sharpton. 

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