Okay..why are we not hearing this in the media?…The Tea Party philosophy is ass up!!!

The Republicans are about to anoint the very worst nightmare for The Tea Party… an establishment… suspected semi middle of the road …main stream rich guy as their candidate..

About the only thing the Tea Party has in common with this guy Mitt is that he’s completely white!!

The made up bogus Tea Party revolution who’s financiers bussed their old white fearful illiterate “followers” around  to racist tinged meetings, did their job of electing a huge majority of crazy extremist assholes to Congress… 

So stand by for more  free bus trips…Now the “Koch Suck-ups” need their robotic super lackey in the White House so they can continue their rape of the country’s resources and the creation of an America full of  subservient worker drones.  DEATH TO EDUCATION….death to colleges for anybody but the rich!!  DEATH TO UNIONS…EARLIER DEATH TO OLD PEOPLE!! death to equal pay…The corporate victory cries…

The GOP want to turn this country into a copy of China and get those 12 years olds back into the workplace!

What must the Tea Party ding dongs in the funny costumes be thinking?…BETRAYED?Perhaps!!…. But their hatred, fear and frustration of an inevitable RACIALLY changing America..the new mixed gender and socially liberal non-Christian society… will drive them to vote for the very thing they say they abhor!

The freakin ESTABLISHMENT!!   The Tea Party is so ass up they can see up their own anal tracts!

Strangely the real thinking right wing revolutionaries (all 12 of them) have a great deal in common with the Occupy Movement ..both movement think the present form of  government is totally corrupt.

Our point being that while you have a Supreme Court that is so Fascistic in its majority America is ass up. 

The  5 to 4 majority’s new search and seizure decision is so close to being unconstitutional its ridiculous. Its  a step to towards a condoning of a police state where anyone can be stopped for any minor violation ..taken to a police station and strip searched…anyone!

So put that in your anti- government Tea Pot and stir it!



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