“The mad mad mad mad world of the off the trolley Republicans!”



If ever a bunch of losers were getting into a Thunderbird and driving off a tall cliff with a smile on their faces its the current REPUBLICAN PARTY..

It appears to us they’re alienating everyone in sight that isn’t old and white and believes that God created two naked people and a talking snake during the time of the dinosaurs!

When Senator GRASSLEY an apparent “gentleman” calls the sitting President “stupid”… could this be a portent of the panic now setting in as the GOP come to the conclusion that they’re stuck with a guy who just announced he’s putting a car elevator in his house…

This same presidential candidate has four sons who have never served a day in the military…and was personally in FRANCE…escaping the draft for the Vietnam war…France!!!!!!

Let us repeat that…”FRANCE!!” 

This is indeed the mad mad mad world of the current REPUBLICAN PARTY.

The party that has a hate on for contraception…heh? Contraception!!!

The party that doesn’t like equal pay for men and women…and college education?..

These people are off their trolley!!

Get them some whoopee cushions to sit on… Get Tim Tebow to guest at some of their rallies and tell the folks that we’re one nation under God….Gnuck Gnuck!!

Pandering to Idiots and scares Whites For Dummies….the mad mad mad mad GOP is on the road to ruination…..

And if it’s not and the Supreme Court and the Koch Brothers somehow conspire to let the lunatics run this asylum …we are doomed to an earlier grave that even the Chinese are predicting..

And in conclusion all you folks that buy everything from Wal-Mart remember portions of your dollars are going to the Chinese Communist government so they can speed  up your demise….have a look at the labels on just about everything you own…and be very suspect of PANDA EXPRESS… the fried rice may look edible but it contains stuff that’s turning you all into Manchurian candidates…and how can you trust Chinese fast food served by millions of swarthy looking Hispanic people who maybe be in the country illegally…

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