Shortly after Alan West from the great state of fluoridation announced that 80 DEMOCRATIC PARTY Congress people  were members of the Communist Party …sirens went off in mental institutions across the country.

However this was not the only reaction World Wide.

 China’s ambassador wanted to meet the Communists to give them lifetime 20% discounts at Wal-Mart.

Fidel Castro asked for their addresses to offer free cigars for life and some vintage Buick.(Plural)

North  Korea sent invitations to watch the launch of their next rocket expected to be so powerful it  can reach Guam…and also to invite their fellow Communists to watch people dancing in the streets for a bag of peanuts and some fresh water.

Fox News offered Alan West his own show while Herman Cain came out from under a blonde personal assistant  and repeated his comment that Alan would make a great vice president.

It is always obvious that when ever the GOP  thinks its in the deepest of deep sh*t with the general public ..somebody will be the designated sh*tter to claim their opponents are at least Socialists…

To gauge the level of discontent however Allan West’s nut waggery goes to the nitty-gritty of Republican blind panic.

They panic because  they realise that their candidate for President is a man who strapped his dog on the roof of his SUV and is building a car elevator in one of his many homes…A man who wants the poor to take care of themselves and reads the Book of Mormon as his spiritual guide.. A  man who is so rich his wife has never had to wash a dish or a pair of socks…but who insists she knows about women’s pain.. and four sons who think boot camp is somewhere where you go to buy stuff for hiking.

Republicans….Koch Brothers…Karl Rove…Citizens United..Supreme Court Political biased majority…all the money in the right side of the Western World  …you need to give Alan a great deal of your money and tell him to STFU…He reveals the real madness behind your plan.


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