” Ann and I wanted to serve caviar & truffles with the pancakes but it seemed a little elitist”

Ann Romney will turn out to be the Marie Antoinette of the current election cycle. The Right’s strident controversy over the statement by Ms. Rosen that Ann Romney has “never done a day’s work in her life” will resonate even as Fox and Limbaugh attack her as a loose-lipped lesbian. 

Some  say maybe she should’ve chosen a better phrase…personally I think it fits..basically because Ann Romney “chose” Mitt Romney as her man…her rich man of “choice”…When you have endless french fries you can only eat so many…when you have endless money you can have lots of sons with wild abandon while knowing they’re gonna have maids and butlers and drivers to take care of them… the “hard work”Anne being choosing the maids the butlers and the drivers…

Nobody’s knocking wealth..some people gotta have it…some people earn it…but when you put yourself in a position of having to speak for all the people..then its better to know a little about how some of those people have lived their lives…Have some sense of the suffering m others go through to help their kids have a better life…

The Romney’s may try to make the case for understanding the middle class and the poor but they cannot ever come close to that reality.

 Romney is not a self-made man he is the son of a rich guy…he’s a pampered poppenjay…his family has been protected by mega millions their whole lives…. He inherited “not caring about anything that bothers us normal people”…I know very rich guys who get it…and who have compassion…

The John/Robert/Ted Kennedy tribe understood the people ..they had the brains and the political chops to say and act on their core beliefs in fairness and with liberal thinking. They were in touch!

The Romneys are not and never will be in touch ..

 All the money and the make overs cannot change the fact that Mitt Romney and Ann and the kids cannot wrap their intellects around the average American.

In their minds when they look past their front door …what ever they may be saying… none of them have ever had to actually do “a day’s hard work in their lives” ..hard work means  you “have to do it” or you may not be able to pay your bills…feed your kids…keep those two jobs…pay for the extras on your medicare bills…keep up the mortgage payments… 

Ann… we know you had MS and you had the money to make it better ..but are you listening ?…

We know hard work and you’re no hard worker!!!


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