Another laugh riot hits the Fox News cycle’s never ending of excuses to personally blame President Obama for the sins of his secret service.

Sean Hannity:” Its rumored by reliable sources that President Obama officially ordered his secret service detail to get down and funky and screw as many Columbian  ho’s as they could and he’d make sure the America tax payer paid the bill!”

Bill O’Reilly: ” Its reported by reliable sources that Obama possible joined his secret service detail for evenings of debauchery with Columbian Hookers as these same reliable sources say they witnessed a tall black man with Moose antlers and dressed in a Washington Capitals goalie’s mask chasing a naked hooker in Nazi jack boots down a main drag in Bogata.” 

The GOP and its surrogates must find “stuff” that distracts from the fact that they have as their new spokes person and leader… a worse candidate for President since Bob Dole “the Bela Lugosi of Washington” and John McCain a man who chose the stupidist woman on the planet as a running mate…

Mitt was born with a silver spoon up his ass!

Mitt is an America man who lived in France for 6 years to escape the draft and puts his money in Switzerland to escape the taxes.

But the facts… however horrendous …have nothing to do with the fact that Hillary Rosen has been forced to  apologise for telling the frakin’ truth about Ann Romney by her own party and that the secret service used some ladies of the night to relieve which must be one of the most tense jobs of all time… and make headlines of outrage by the Fox News buffons who use hookers like they’re a happy meal themselves.

Lets face it….PROTECTING THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT from being shot at by any number of gun-toting crazy right-wing extremists that this numbskulls Romney and his whole REPUBLICAN bunch of NRA oriented bastards seem to be encouraging by insinuating that Obama is gonna take their precious guns away must really be a 24/7 task.

What a bunch of total terminal bullshit!

These Fox puppy people and loser macho male viewers should grow up and stop replacing their soft penis’ with hard gun barrels ….and get a frakin’ life!!!   

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