So very sorry to be a contrarian but Hilary Rosen was totally on the mega money when she said what she said about Ann Romney. YES..I  know I’ve been on about this a great deal…but her words rang true to this person. I have been married most of my life to various woman with whom I help raise many children.

My wives were good mothers..and they brought up their kids to respect their parents I think. My ex wives were “stay at home moms”, they “brought up kids” and as soon as I could …when the money flowed in ..I  hired “help”..and as the money flowed more…we had more “help”..

A well off woman I was sitting next to on a plane once said that the secret to a long-term successful marriage was “good help”. She came from a very wealthy EASTERN seaboard family.

We had nannies, gardeners, wranglers, housekeepers , cooks , cleaning ladies ,drivers…my kids went to private schools…my ex- wives were good home organising mothers….they did things like attending charity events and organising dinner parties and being on boards that helped my social standing . Not bad stuff at all…  but in my heart I sometimes thought it would be great if they decided to get out in the real world and become really viable at something commercial because they did what they did very well….but I was busy making the money flow as I did not inherit mine. My grandaddy was a millionaire but he lost it all to the tax man and he told me many times..”hard work never let’s you down ..only accountants can do that.”

Money however tends to dull  ambition in some of us if it’s continually pouring on your head I suppose.

Deep down inside the years took their toll on my marriages and as we grew apart I saw one important thing that pleased me. Most of my kids had a work ethic in their blood. They were not expecting a huge hand out for the rest of their lives..Oh ..they resented the fact that I didn’t pour money on their heads and assure them of careers…but my intention was always to show them how be independent and that worked at the cost of their resentments even today.The legacy being all my grown kids understand that life is not a bowl of handout cherries. They all know what it means to struggle and to make it on their own. ..and they have. 

This is something that people with no chance of a financial failure cannot grasp so when Ann Romney says she “understands” how other mothers feel and how she is on their side that she” feels their”pain..she cannot possibly “understand” these things..this is totally politically cynical and bogus. How many working  mothers have the time to breed Arabian horses? This is not knocking wealth….wealth is great and the people who earn it deserve for being brilliant..but if you’re running for President of” all the people” …you’d better have come from at least “most of the people” and not 1% of the people…The Bush’s proved that for God’s sake..the Kennedy’s were an aberration.

I’ve been married for a decade now to a woman who struggled her whole life as a single mother bringing up  2 kids . Her kids… like my kids..have the work ethic and they’re all doing fine in a tough economy. She has a full understanding of being a working mother…she is a gem.  

Things have a way of working out when the going gets tough especially when the folks running things know what its like to really” feel the pain” of failure on the way to the possible  glory of success…

This is NOT the Romney way ..this guy and his screwed up clouded elitist philosophies would be an awful choice for President of a country that is really “feeling the pain.”    


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