The dye is cast Romney has made the task of the DEMOCRATS defeating his screwed up philosophies easier…

He’s chosen the radical right approach to economics… the stuff that really worked during the Bush-Cheney Fascist regime…

Paul Ryan …a really nasty piece of Washington insider work.

A fanatical  extremist corporate shill whose ideas ROMNEY will now embrace.

Ryan is the exact opposite of what the TEA PARTY should want..a “Washington insider”…a man who knows nothing  and cares nothing about the middle class and the poor in this country…

But the bogus bullshit that is the TEA PARTY will… in their narrow framed racist way woman and gay hating way …embrace this small-minded  loser. 

The Paul Ryan budget plan can only fly if the sound of jack boots are heard in the halls of Congress.

How close are we to the dreaded day when money takes us into a corporate dictatorship run by Ryan and Grover Norquist “the mommy’s boys of the 4th Reich.?”


With the Supreme Court firmly in their hands and the police in most states willing to be their brutish shock troops the “Ryanistas” will rule with an iron  fist up the middle class and the poor’s ass.

“Dissent” will only be a word in the thesaurus and the MSNBC studios will be a bowling alley for seniors.

There was never and never will be 80 “Communists” in the Congress…but there are at least 50 Fascist there right now… They’re heartless doctrinaire racists anti Democratic lock step paid lackies of the Koch Brother’s cartel and other nameless industrialists…

This is not CONSPIRACY…this is fact of course!

I may have a hair up my ass but trying to be rational when America is about to be eaten alive by millionaires is scary sh*t. 

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