There’s a really scary thing happening in the United States military that seems to be almost completely under the radar.

This is  Tom Clancy live!

Right -wing Christians are infiltrating the upper echelons of the military hierarchy.

 Their openly stated plan is to rid the world of Muslim influence. They are indeed modelling themselves after the TEMPLAR KNIGHTS who were indeed the scourge of the Muslim World in the times of Richard the Lion Hearted and the Crusades….(Simple explanation of the times for those that don’t remember books)

Mass murder of innocents took place during these times all under the CHRISTIAN banners of the white flag with the red cross of the warrior knights.

 This remains the flag of England to this day but has become more benign and is not thought of as a symbol of the destruction of the Islamic world anymore by most…

But certain elements of the American military… basically The Airforce… have decided to use the Crusader red and white symbol in a definitely belligerent and provocative way. A fighter squadron will change its name to the “Crusaders” and emblazon their new battle banner on the fuselages of their attack planes. The one at the top of this blog is not it.

…That this is happening with no seeming response from the civilian government means that Hillary and Panetta are not paying particular attention.

These born again airforce dudes handle some of the country’s nuclear weapons…what if some rogue assh*le gets a hair up his religious ass about Iran and sends a bogus message to a flight of “Crusader” pilot JESUS freaks and these crazy guys think its their duty to take out a rag head Muslim city to save American from Islam?

Somebody in Washington should stop worrying about Mitt’s “dog on a hot tin roof” and “man’s condom power” over women and start shitting their Brooks Brother’s pants over the fact that they have a bunch of extremist Jesus loving loonies running their fire power. 


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