It seems possible the GOP might revisit Mitt Romney as their Presidential candidate again and this means the GOP is even more bonkers than we thought! America would be mad to vote for this weak opportunistic rich guy who changes his policies in mid sentence if  it means appeasing any number of social or political groups.


His wife Queen Ann thinks grocery shopping is when Mitt is looking to buy shares in Albert son’s. Her Majesty is either breeding Arabian horses or many military avoiding sons.

The Tea Party  however is asking for somebody more to their liking they like Ted Cruz  Joel Osteen , Ted Nugent or Cliven Bundy.

It was clear last time that Mitt is a pathological liar almost equal to Putin but without incompetent missile operators.

Mitt is a glove puppet for corporate America. The ideal candidate for the REPUBLICAN dream of owning all of America and invading and occupying CALIFORNIA. Big business wants to play Monopoly with the World but they need nuclear weapons in the hands of a subservient suit. Mitt has SS written all over him.

The GOP roster of acceptable candidates is so weak there’s a rumor that Sarah Palin is contemplating a run they say she’s been up late with a map so she can remember all 51 states.

This country in the hands of  Mitt, Rand, Marco, Ted, Rick, is however moot as most of us know who ever gets elected the country is really in the hands of RUPERT MURDOCH.




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