Any of the current aspiring GOP presidential folk’s new plan for America seems to be similar to the ye olde plan for America from the REAGAN DAYS.Warmed over and revisited only with “Paul Ryan the Hun’s” heartless undemocratic budget cuts that would rid the country of most public schools, free health care and kill all the old people off earlier while officially starving the poor to death and increasing Military spending…

Sounds like a plan if you’ve been reading Mein Kampf on your tablet…but will the public fall for it?

If, by some miracle from Hell  the main stream media, Citizen’s United ,the Koch Brothers and the Supreme Court can make another loser into a winner the country and DEMOCRACY loses BIG TIME and perhaps for ever.

It will NOT be the will of most of the people in our opinion of course this is ONLY  our opinion..but this is this blog!!!

We thought we’d finally rid ourselves of the scourge of the Military Industrial complex when we voted in Obama…but , as we’ve found out, it’s an incurable mental and physical disease that will be with us forever and ever and without an amen.

Obama then is not the answer to a Liberal’s prayer… he is just a cooler political player in a hot playground.

The battle lines were drawn  2 years ago however between “the humble self-made black guy man” winning again against the angry uptight scared whites.

Never had the people have such and black and white choice economically, socially and literally.

THE BLACK GUY WON …but the specter of the Fascist take over has however not gone away. In fact the billions of dollars being spent by them makes them still a force to be reckoned with.

In NAZI GERMANY in the 30’s a charismatic figure rose up from the depths of hell to unite his country into thinking they were the master race. The GERMAN’S had a loser mentality having been defeated and humiliated in a devastating World War. They became willing partners with this crazy asshole in becoming unspeakable monsters in one of the  most dreadful racial carnage’s of all time. They followed this dictator blindly into the destruction and occupation of most of Europe and Russia.

IT WAS INEVITABLE THAT IN THE END THIS WOULD FAIL but that didn’t stop it from happening.

In this country right now we are facing a very real possibility that there could be a Fascist type government for a short while. This cannot and will not last.


Germany was a country 50,000,00 people  of which 30% were avid followers of the National Socialists. they were fanatics and able to win elections above and beyond their demographic place in the society. Once in control they brutalized the opposition and propagandized the malleable population into submission.

In the US country of  350,000.000 plus …a 30% plurality might fraudulently win but would quickly be overturned by the massive 70% counter reaction to their attempts to control all forms of government.

Also show us a right wing charismatic figure that could sway many mass audiences into becoming duped into believing Hitler type crap? 

Ted Cruz?…. Rand Paul?… Sarah Palin?… Chris Christie?…shall we go on?…






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