The REPUBLICAN’S “most silly guy” Allan West is right about one thing…there are Commies amongst us…but they’re not  in government ..they’re the executives at Wal-Mart…which deals exclusively with Chinese product…Product made and manufactured in COMMUNIST CHINA!

We buy most of our “stuff” from one of the world’s most powerful industrial nation now…COMMUNIST CHINA!

They even bring us “stuff” like bumper stickers reading “In God We Trust” and “God Bless America”…made in Shanghai by Godless Communists!!!

They produce more American flags that this country  does….made by people who want to see us become the trash heap of  Western World.

The Communists leaders do not have to plot our downfall…we go to Wal-Mart and Bed Bath and Beyond sensibility and Home Despot and willingly and without thought are setting up our own ultimate demise.

Those framed photos portraits of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are assembled  by underaged labor in Nangking…and the average American just keeps buying and buying and spending and spending their precious dollars because they virtually cannot find anything not made by workers in COMMUNIST CHINA any more.

Oh there’s India and Thailand and the other COMMUNISTS who defeated America in a stupid war Vietnam…

When an American buys a shirt “made in Vietnam” its might be made by an ex-Viet Cong who might have killed a relative way back in the Nixonian 70″s.

Every day as we look at the present World condition it is obvious that we are going completely and utterly bat shit crazy!!!

It might appear funny and ironic on the surface to the likes of TVs  Jon and Dave and Bill but we are actually in the  World of the Ostrich right now..

 “COMMUNISM” which was ,and still is, a ridiculously wrong-headed word that only means “power” in the hands of a few at the expense of the rest of the winning and DEMOCRACY which is becoming equally irrelevant is losing…and not only to COMMUNISM but to FASCISM… And that’s how World Wars eventually start.

This is just food for thought…but see if you can buy it at a local market which grows the food on American soil without the aid of Monsanto..which of course is a whole food other story. 

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