If the Presidential election were predicated on having a sense of the ridiculous and being in touch with  the humor of this great country then why bother having it?

Obama wins!

Mitt Romney is a humorless lox!

Floral Wall paper is funnier than  Mitt!

Also Mitt cannot ..we repeat cannot sing!…he would not pass “go” on Idol!”…The President on the other hand  does a medium to righteous Reverend Al Green.

Mitt has about as much in common with Al Green’s phrasing as Dennis Miller has with current trends in comedy. 

Mitt has about as much soul as a sock full of wet spaghetti.

 Mitt is criticising the President for lowering the standards of the dignity of the President of the United States?

Mitt…Mitt… Mitt…who is writing your shi*t? ..The non-writers from JERSEY SHORES?

Lowering the dignity of the office?…How about your last REPUBLICAN  President George W.?

Remember him…he wanted to “commune with fish?”..They wrote two books about what a flaming undignified dork he was…He was so easy to imitate 5 year olds could do it.

Ronald Reagan however was great… he was an actor so he knew how to read a great joke…and read a great union busting line also until he turned into Broccoli and accidentally ended the cold war while talking to his horse.

John F. Kennedy was a great one line guy who disarmed press conferences with his dry satirical skew on things…Even Nixon… who was about as funny as terminal illness …was persuaded by his clever speech writer to appear on “LAUGH IN” in the 60’s and say “Sock it to me!” Nixon’s delivery had the charm of shaving without soap, hot water and a blunt blade …but it helped make him popular until he thought the office of the President meant he could  hire G. Gordon Liddy and tell him to f*ck up DEMOCRACY!

Then there was the first George Bush who barfed into the JAPANESE prime minister’s lap..always a classic 3 Stooges piece of undignified GOP trivia…

So Mitt can huff and puff and Fox can scream and shout about Obama… who.. to many of us… is the coolest president ever..A man of the 21st century trying to hold a country together that now has a disastrous extremist FASCISTIC element of humorless cretins trying to overrun us again with open corporate greed at the center of their universe..

Obama …a man who can laugh at himself .. and at the last NATIONAL PRESS CLUB  dinner put Donald Trump away with some huge laughs…while at the exact same time had ordered his Navy Seals to attack and put away our most dangerous terrorist enemy.

Mitt..you’re a humorless undignified insignificant rich kid’s son with no practical experience in running a country, fighting a war against terrorism, dealing incisively with social issues and understanding the plight of the American people ..a plight brought about by humorless war mongering fools like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the rotten  to the core losers who got us into this rat sh*t in the first place.


 Some dignified shots of the last  Republican president.





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