Allen West..”May Day! May Day!..there are Communists in your closet


Forget about Congress Allen you total OSTRICH…ON THIS UNION DAY…ON THIS WORKER’S DAY…go look in your closet ..that’s where the COMMIES ARE…on the ‘made in China labels’……okay we harp on this…but folks this is May Day.a day when the workers make themselves seen and heard..

They ,and all the other “put upons”, will be marching today…but you won’t see much of that stuff on Fox News..they’ll be touting the wonders of Paul Ryan’s budget…you know the one that will kill off old people quicker and destroy public education for the poor in a hurry.

Some of us who believe in giving everybody a chance to be heard will be seen this May Day  taking a COMMUNIST to lunch.

Of course finding true COMMUNIST today will be like finding a brain cell in the head of Sarah Palin, an ounce of normal common sense in the state of Mississippi, or any money at all in a Newt Gingrich bank account. 

“COMMUNISM” has lost that ‘scary threatening’ allure…

“SOCIALISM” sounds more horrific to the dunderhead brainless trolls who will wind up voting for the dog torturor and his French “Marie impressionist” Arabian training wife….   

How ironic that you should pick such a word to use as “COMMUNIST”…this is so so old school…like REPUBLICAN IDEAS…and the GOP candidate for Prez hizelf.

Mitt’s Brooks Brothers ideals went out with the advent of more than three networks…

China of course is NOT COMMUNIST..they are an ugly Asia Mafia run by a Godless father and his dons who exploit the sh*t out of it’s billion people! 

The new Chinese middle class people put up with the ruthless gangster rule as almost half of the population now have refrigerators and Blackberry’s …and would rather have Gucci copies of shoes than the smelly canvas sandles their parents wore.

Labels in today’s multi national world are just to let you know who’s really running things…and here’s an update..Your’e NOT!!


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