Just in..it seems that the real reason Newt quit was not purely because he conned $4,000,000 out of stupid right wing people …but because his wife Callista lost him the extremist fundamentalists when she went to kiss a snake and frightened the crap out of it.

Newt made a speech today that remains one of the easiest editing jobs in town..Just having him say..”Thank you” and then “God Bless America” ..and you’ve got it.

Of course the main stream media will waste hours of time on giving this loser the time of day to talk smack about the President who is still getting over jet lag and a meal of fried yak and poppy seeds.

***”Newt outspent himself and had to borrow money from “John Boehner’s lush fund”..this joke was sent to me by Carrot Top… 

***But the surreal scene of a man who thought even with all his baggage…

‘wife wise”, “grifter wise”, “defunct wise” and  “weight wise” that the American people would over look all of that so he could become President and implement his lynch pin idea of putting child labor in high schools and possibly across the nation building bridges and national monuments to him.

When Newt goes home he attends services to himself at the “Newt Alter” in his basement.

Callista dresses as a robed “New-tant Nun” lights candles and throws returned copies of Newt-Books and unpaid bills in the fireplace while singing the hits from “Hair! 

We know this on the word of his next door neighbour who told us that recently Newt’s ex- wives burned an upside down cross on his front lawn and soaped his car windows. 

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