Today we pay our respects to Dick Clark at a memorial celebration of his long and most iconic American  life.

Dick was somebody most Americans, of a certain age, grew up with from their early teen years. Other younger people will remember him from the annual Time Square New Year’s celebrations and his Pyramid Game show hosting and the many specials he appeared in. 

The music  industry and many of the biggest stars in pop music will remember him for opening up not just their pop music careers but for mixing the racial quota on his American bandstand…not just with the hit makers but with the kids that danced to the hits.  

I will remember him as an experienced and encouraging partner in some of the most enjoyable hilarious and thrilling personal and business experiences I ever had.

One of  greatest Dick Clark attrubutes was his uncanny connection with that average American mentality that needed to be fed entertainment at a totally understandable level. 

Dick himself was a totally average American who learned how to take his “averageness” and parlay it off into something very special. Dick understood talent..he knew you had to leave it alone and it would come home dragging a hit behind it! 

Dick did this for me. Nobody would ever say that Dick was an easy person to please…both in a business deal and in a show situation. He was a tough negotiator and yet when the chips were down and you’d fought the good fight…he made the deal and respected it totally.

This was the same with the creative side Dick WAS the State of Missouri! 

However once you convinced him of your passion and your commitment to the basic principle of your idea he stepped aside and let you do your thing which was .. as he was  a participating partner… his thing too.

This was a most appreciated situation in any partnership and with Dick it always worked.  

Dick was not as easy guy to know really well ..he played his friendships close to his vest. 

I respected him and even came to care about him towards the end of his life when he became more vulnerable with his stroke and his confinement to a wheel chair.

To see this vibrant and seemingly indestructible … up until the stroke …youthful entertainment giant  struck down was hard to take. To see him valiantly struggling with his articulation during the New Year’s Eve celebrations was also a  tough one…but Dick wanted and needed to be in front of the camera God love him.

I fortunately had some closure with Dick having gone to see him six or eight month ago where I felt the urge to hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek…kinda shocking knowing the kind of relationship I had with him. 

I will always remember that day now as I will remember his loving wife Kari smiling and waving as my wife and drove away …

Dick led a wonderfully fulfilling life and I’m so glad that for a few years I had the chance to participate in it with him.

His spirit and his name will live on through his talented and devoted son RAC who will carry his father’s name proudly for many more years of creative entertainment.  



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