“Communist joke Festival!”

The solution to the fate of the blind Chinese dissident’s recent public desire to be allowed to come to American is simple….just tell him he’s here.

To assist in solving the current Chinese HONG KONG political dissension Obama has today welcomed the help of the ambassadors from Wal Mart and Home Depot.

The proceeds of the latest Bed Bath and Beyond shipment of goods from China has been used to strengthen financial ties with the United States and fund the size of the armed guards in the hard labor manufacturing internment camps.

The Chinese Communist Party main body is condemning the treatment of the Hong Kong protesters by telling the world its Obama’s fault.

Chinese Communists intend to look “benign and freedom loving” to the rest of the World  until they can invent a nerve gas that renders everything in the World subservient and non-critical.

Denis Miller’s tour of  China has been cancelled due to Chinese aversion to his outdated material like the joke :

What makes Peking Duck?”..

” A  faulty North Korean Missile!”

The Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party is denying rumors he’s a pawn of corporate  container ships.

The scandal over the bribery cover up the Chinese McDonald’s fast food chain has been solved by bulldozers.

The Chinese government has stopped all exhibitions of hip hop … not the music but a Shanghai flasher guy names “Hip Hop the Pervert!”

The UN has announced there is no terrorism in China due to the fact that the Chinese can’t say it in English.

There are currently two political parties in China: The Communist Party and The Party serving life sentences for being the other party.



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