As the season wears on its becoming increasingly obvious that with the advent of the bogus Citizen’s United ruling from the extremist right wing Supreme court majority that the country is beginning to rot from its very center in Washington. This does not take a rocket scientist to blog!

The scheme to destroy our current form of government is alive and well and living in the diseased corporate minds of The Koch Bothers and the Karl Rovers of this country.

We are witnessing the attempt to usurp the free will of most of the people by a few of the people…BASICALLY the people with all the money…who don’t want to share any of it with us through paying taxes….  Once again we’re stating the obvious…no bull just the facts ma’am!

The attack of corporations and their minions on our rights as citizens of a free country do not have to be listed here…We know what they’re up to..they don’t even try to hide it any more…

They want the dumb assed white boy puppet figure and his queen in the “Whiter than White House” so they can tell the little weasel with no scruples or ideas what to say and do.. Do the words George W. Bush ring an economically disastrous bell?

The question being..”Is the rot setting in or can it be stopped by the use of  people powered strength against the battleships of enormous financial odds in this so obvious take over of our society as we know it?

This next election will tell us if this country is literally going to the dogs on the top of the SUV’s or is still slowly coming to its senses and realizing it cannot allow the rabid dogs of the 1% to savage the American way of life … kill its government , empty its coffers, starve its people , physically, subjectively and mentally rape its women, disenfranchise its education and health care systems and fight more useless wars with a hopelessly weakened and broken military.

And now onto something more important..who’s gonna win the basketball playoffs heh?



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