Today we reveal for the first time something that has been glaringly obvious for the first four years of the Obama administration…. The GOP is missing its heart.

It used to have one however weak during the REAGAN ADMINSTRATION this ..some say.. was brought on by astrology…NANCY didn’t go anywhere without it… If it wasn’t in the stars ..then it just wasn’t…Obviously the air traffic controllers were all born during a retrograde!

But since Reagan became a vegetable we’ve seen a slow decline in any form of humanity towards man , woman or child…It would appear that the current version of the party is hell-bent on making cruelty to its fellow person an absolute must in its quest for control.

So we have a man with hardly any credentials concerning the heart and the bogus humility of  Pat Robertson on “Jesus steroids” running as their Presidential candidate.

So we also have a man who  “Mitt-me” loves and reveres by the name of Paul Ryan who presented the World with his heartless unworkable.. beyond the killing of public education and  old people before their time…bastard budget to prove us right. He is evil personified!!!

The GOP is indeed the Anti Christ!!!   

What they would place on the heads of others …they are!!! 

The want to destroy us all…and give control to the Dark One’s minions…

Oh you think we’re joshing…Please read stuff about the Koch Brothers..look into Karl Rove’s closet ..there’s a red suit with a tail and a trident in it!! No kidding…

And what of Lyn Cheney ..she’s sacrificing baby goats and brewing cauldrons of defaced pictures of Nancy Pelosi and the droppings of the Obama’s dog in her basement.

The GOP is NOT human everybody!…They have become blood lusting beasts…and the living dead…just get a load of Mitch McConnell he’seen drained of every drop of human blood… it’s been replaced with the long stored blood of the priests of the Spanish Inquisition…and Boehner is slowly turning from  orange to a dark evil shade of crimson…sixty more martinis and he’ ll be growing his own tail….

Remember you heard this first here.


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