Those crazy FRENCH FOLKS…they looked at how the RIGHT WING GOVERNMENT had deflated their financial souffles and they kicked those conservative asses right where it hurts most… in the power pocket!

Austerity didn’t work…it stiffed the economy and stiffed the middle class…no kidding!! 

Paul Ryan are you paying attention?..

The government went “government!”….The corporations went looking..They will come around of course to having to deal with the reality of middle of the road socialism …the only thing that will work in the 21st CENTURY.

“Supply Side Bullsh*t” never worked and it still doesn’t…we don’t have to listen to the philosophy that “if we allow the free market to find itself…the business community and the banks will put the money back into the economy.”

So where is that happening?…in “Fu*ck all land!!”

Greed is a terrible thing to hide..and you can’t hide it forever…the corpos have had a great run in Europe and as is the case here…Europe is like a vampire victim …”two holes in the neck away from NEVER seeing the light of  financial day again.”

Will the Socialists get a chance to straighten things out?..Not if the Visigoths have a say in it.. they’re currently plotting already to get rid of the dreaded people’s party and get back to the rape of  the French economy.

There will be blood in FRANCE…And it won’t be in the pudding. 


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