MITT ROMNEY is not fit to be dog catcher let alone President of the United States.

He disqualifies himself more each day..yesterday he allowed a woman who was an obvious plant, to ask the question about charging the PRESIDENT with treason and then gave no answer tacitly implying that he agreed  with her statement.

As stated previously in this blog and on our Facebook page Romney is not fit to be PRESIDENT….

Romney has the spine of  a  SLINKY!

John McCain looks like a winner beside this loser…senility setting in yes…but with a fractionally viable amount of  Americana still coursing through his  tired old McCain bones.

Every day the litany of rat sh*t follows Mitt where ever he goes…His scruples have left the building..the desperate and  classless insults hurled by his surrogates at a sitting President continue to lower the standards of  politics to the level of a “Sean Hannity sponsored Ted Nugent Barbecue and Obama Burning in Effigy event.” 

But we must all know by now that Mitt is the perfect “weak little nothing” shill for the corporate take over…okay okay..we talk about this every day..but we are in a life and death struggle for Democracy here…give or take a SUPREME COURT ..a police state and rampant racism plus giving Dennis Miller control of comedy.

To even contemplate a Mitt Romney presidency is like contemplating being in a Roland Emmerich disaster live!

Its like contemplating living next door to Donald Trump…

Like only being able to get Clear Channel on the radio. Like being married to Michele Bachman…

Already the daily blow back on any Romney day on the stump brings new reasons to finally admit that this is the most mediocre man in the history of GOP candidates…

That rational human beings will hold their noses and vote for a rich clown with a heart of stone who bends with the last sentence out of his mouth for the highest most powerful job in the World is hard to believe…But millions will do it…what does this say about the state of this country’s psyche even if Obama wins…

Does it mean that at least a third of the country has gone completely out of its mind?  



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