Just as it happened to the South before ..it’s about to happen again.. The Southern States are in a 19th Century struggle to remain relevent in an ever-changing and browning 21st Century American society. 

The weird out of touch legislations being enacted in the state houses across the various SOUTHERN States prove this over and over again.  

We don’t detail things out on this blog..we’re impatient to get to the crux of the matter. 

Millions of  Southerners are racists who’ve never gotten over losing their slave labor. A black man to most Southerners is an inferior being and how dare one of them falsely become President of their country!!!

  Too harsh..?? Too simplistic??..Where’s the proof??


40% of the DEMOCRATIC  PRIMARY ELECTORATE in West Virginia this week voted for a prison inmate over the President.. Check it out…please check it out…this is  a fact!

“This proves to us that kissing snakes causes brain damage”…

Okay so that’s the joke …but so is the entire SOUTH right now.

60% plus of North Car0lina voters voted against same sex marriage this week so the South is just not racist but homophobic…and anti Ellen!!

The South is living on planet in an alternative universe of the good old days….their good old days…not the rest of a slowly changing society. Of course they have not brought any legislation to bare on the continuing habit of some men who get engaged to farm animals…but that’s another story…

PLEASE….The South lost the Civil War and they’ll lose the uncivil war.


**Disclaimer. There are… of course… also millions of Southerners  who don’t agree with the policies of their rigid racist and bigoted state governments …where are they are ?what are they gonna do about this before the South grows so old fashioned even Social Security won’t be able to bail it out ?.



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