In the various moves made in the last four years we’re seeing a brilliant and brave American leading this country through a tough time brought upon by the corpo-crooks who usurped and occupied the  country for eight long and terribly destructive years.

There corpo-crooks are still at it trying to impose their 1% ideals and their ideologies on a fairly docile population who don’t seem to be in touch with what is really happening to them.

Stepping into this ring of vipers was a vital intelligent man of the people who took on the task given to him by a majority of the people to fight this fight for the last shreds of a Democracy in danger of again being overrun by forces intent of imposing their one-dimensional will on society.

He was young and had that glow of optimism around him that gave us hope for a bright future…

Almost immediately the opposition came together to viciously… and with political malice …obstruct the various progressive programs he and his cabinet designed to put the country back on its economic feet.  This does not take a Rocket Scientist to see!

The facts are clear ..the GOP wanted to see American fail for 4 years so it could regain the power it had during the Bush/Cheney disaster years. Duh!!

Under the false flag of “American patriotism” this vast politically motivated enemy within tried to do more damage to their country than any set of rag-tag terrorists. 

Many Americans of a certain persuasion were …and still are… blinded by the fact that this strong brilliant young man is an African-American . ..and therefore in their eyes… not worthy of their trust , devotion and admiration of his leadership. 

 Due to this historic moment in time millions of Americans it seems cannot get past this simple equation of color to see that Barak Obama is President of all the people.  They want him gone from their sight!  He reminds them of God knows what…they see the negative and completely miss the positive..

These negative thoughts are encouraged by a veiled semi-racist press that …in some instances …is not so veiled …but is outright vile and disgusting.  

What ever transpires during the ensuing mega financial right wing onslaught  to suppress the vote and undermine Obama …his legacy is one of bravery and action at the expense of some of  his popularity…He has weaved his way through an internal “American Terrorism” from the Right that wanted to do as much damage to us as any bunch of  lunatics from other countries. 

He is in a fight he should not be in…but he will leave a legacy that… even in four years… will grow into the history of the first black President having the guts to be just that and so much more.

With his decision this week on the bogus political but totally correct social issue of marriage rights he has taken his place amongst the great men who have held this office.

All the great Presidents had glaring faultlines and made major mistakes on their way to their place in history and Obama is no exception… we cannot agree with many of his moves…but have to accept them as his passage to where he stands today .

Let this man however be a lesson for all of us in courage and faith in the leadership of the future.

If there is a God He/She blessed this man. 


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