ROMNEY’S ELECTION CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS is helping with the unemployment problem big time. 

 Mitt continues to place his feet in his mouth and is in need of help in a massive way to stem the tide of complete nonsensical gaffs coming out of his mouth.

Now his high school days are coming up front and center as it appears he beat up a gay kid and slammed a blind guy into a door when he was a teenager…and this was during Lent.

He was never charged with anything as his father was so rich he owned the police the Michigan national guard and Detroit. 

There are rumors that Mitt  ran over an old girlfriend in his car for laughing at his shiny penny loafers and he blew up a black church or two while in college.

***These actions have not been proven…but they say there were also some talk of several dogs involved in being transported over state lines on the top of Buicks.   

Mitt fortunately cannot remember any of this and as Ann said “Mitt was just a wild a crazy guy in those days …and why should anyone get that upset that he set fire to the University of Michigan cafeteria just because they ran out of white bread and he had to eat a bagel.”

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